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Work Package 1 - Co-ordination and Management

Coordination and management of the HORIZON 2020 funded EUROlinkCAT project includes the following tasks to be performed by the Study Coordination team at Queen Mary University:

  1. Provide Scientific Management, monitoring progress to ensure milestones and deliverables are on time. 
  2. Provide Financial management, negotiate with the EU, inform partners of EU rules and deadlines, oversee progress of spending according tot he budget and manage subcontractor contracts.
  3. Collate final and period reports for the European Commission.
  4. Coordinate dissemination of progress and results.
    • Uploading content to the project website.
    • Coordination of dissemination across WPs.
  5. Organize Meetings.
  6. Provide Archiving for 6 years beyond the last project deliverable.
  7. Support the consortium steering group.
  8. Support and inform the Ethics and Data Protection Board (EDPB).

The Study Coordination team consists of the EUROlinkCAT PI Professor Joan K Morris, the Project Manager Mr. Nicholas Connor and Statistician Mr. Joachim Tan. 

Financial, other administrative tasks and website were managed by Mrs. Dylbere Koteci, Mrs. Catherine Cowton and Mrs Karyne Villeneuve.


All minutes of the meetings mentioned below can be found on the restricted part of the website under WP1:

2017 20 January Steering Group Meeting London, UK
  29 March Steering Group Meeting London, UK + Teleconference
  29 March  Standardisation Commitee Meeting  London, UK
  03 May  Ethics Data Protecton Board (EDPB) Meeting London, UK
  09 May  3rd Steering Commitee Meeting London, UK + Teleconference
07 June EUROlinkCAT Annual Meeting  Baveno, Italy
        03 October Standardization Meeting London, UK
03-04 October Steering Committee Meeting London, UK
2018 09 January Standardization Meeting London, UK
26 March Standardization Meeting London, UK
26-27 March Steering Committee Meeting London, UK