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EUROlinkCAT Common Data Model: Survival

This publically available PDF version of the EUROlinkCAT Common Data Model (CDM) for Survival (version date 4th September 2019) describes the EUROlinkCAT standardised variable names, definitions, format and coding scheme used in the EUROlinkCAT WP3 study i.e. Survival of Congenital Anomalies.

An EXCEL version of the CDM which consists of three spreadsheets listing the EUROlinkCAT standardised variables/codes, derived variables and re-coded variables required for the WP3 studies will be made publically available at a later date.

The CDM includes the local registry equivalent variable names and coding schemes that were transformed to the EUROlinkCAT standardised variables.

File Date
 Common Data Model: Survival - public version 4th Sept 2019

Citation: Loane M, Densem J, de Walle H, Garne E, Given J, Karnell K, Pierini A, Rankin J, Reid A, Rissmann A, Tan J, Morris JK (2019). EUROlinkCAT Common Data Model: Survival. Ulster University. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.21187.84005

Please direct any questions about the use of this document to Maria Loane (ma.loane@ulster.ac.uk) and Joanne Given (je.given@ulster.ac.uk)